The Black Hack 2nd Edition Boxed Set

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SOLD OUT new Kickstarter coming soon (late July/early August) to fund a reprint.

New expanded Second Edition rules now include a wealth of extra material and tools for every Black Hack GM. The main rules still only take up 30 pages, but the full edition adds over 90 more pages of NPCs, monsters, dungeons, traps, magic items and much more.

The Black Hack is a super-streamlined roleplaying game that uses the Original 1970s Fantasy Roleplaying Game as a base, and could well be the most straightforward modern OSR compatible clone available. If speed of play and character creation, compatibility, and simple - yet elegant rules are what you yearn for. Look no further!

This boxed set includes:

  • 24 page The Black Booklet in print
  • 124 page The Black Hack rules in hard back
  • Prayer and Spell mini booklets.
  • 3 panel GM's screen in print
  • 10 Character sheets and folder
  • The Black Box
  • 2 drop table box inserts
  • 2 quick ref cards
  • Black dice set (d4, 3d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, 2d20) and pouch
  • Sorrowset Random Settlement Generator
  • The black Hack Button Badge

Note: This set does not include access to any of the PDF materials for The Black Hack 2nd Edition. The PDF of the 124 page rules book may be purchased now from: 

Additional Note: The original Black Hack themed 6 sided dice and pouches are all gone so they have been replaced with standard spot dice and a plain black pouch. The d20s in the set will either be supplied as 2 black or 1 black and 1 grey. The dice set still is a set of 10 dice. To make up for the custom dice and pouch no longer being included all boxed sets will ship with a copy of the Sorrowset Settlement generator and a Black Hack button badge while stocks last.