Squarehex Sampler Pack

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A selection of pads and accessories that provide a great introduction to the Squarehex range. The pack also offers a saving of over 20% compared to buying the items individually. The pack weighs just under 250grams to keep international postage as low as possible. This product may also be bought directly from my blog (this option should be cheaper for UK buyers who don't want to buy any other items at the same time).

  • A7 7mm grid pad
  • A7 7mm hex pad
  • A5 7mm hex pad with large hex
  • Little Hexes mini-campaign setting
  • Hex symbol card
  • Pocket Guide to Dungeon Geomorphs
  • Dungeon symbol card
  • Dungeon symbol fridge magnet
  • 7mm plastic card ruler
  • Black fineliner pen
  • Mechanical pencil