One-Page Dungeons Zine

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Fish in the Pot One-Page Dungeons Zine

The collection features 15 short dungeons for your RPG table.  Each dungeon is quick to read, simple to prep, and fun to play.  Each Dungeon includes a map and full descriptions of the challenges and surprises that the Player Characters will face all on a single page. Some Dungeons will include a new, feature monster designed specifically for the Dungeon.  Others may include strange new game mechanisms or super rare magic items.

Fish in the Pot One-Page Dungeons are all compatible with the current rules of the World's Most Popular Role-Playing Game.  However, these dungeons attempt to shift the focus from usual dungeon tropes.  The fifteen dungeons collected here vary greatly in theme, challenge, and flavor.  What they all have in common is a sense of whimsy and ease of pre-game prep.  

Fish in the Pot One-Page Dungeons leave room for Game Masters to insert critical, story specific plot items or fun, PC specific rewards that cannot be contemplated by the Dungeon Designer.  Need a dramatic reveal for your maguffin?  Wanna give the party's fighter an extra special magic sword? Take advantage of the opportunities made available in these One-Page Dungeons.