Campaign Workbook

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A 44-page A4 sized book of blank map sheets.  Designed for planning and writing a campaign with hex maps for wilderness areas and grid maps for dungeons and structures.  The workbook has a sheet of numbered hexes at the front and the back.  The main content (10 sets) features double-page mini adventure pages with map sheet on one side and 3 columns for text notes on the other.  The centre of the book contains 5 pull-out 4-page sections each ideal for larger adventures.

The cover of the workbook when folded flat features a 16"x11" grid.  It is gloss laminated allowing it to be used as a battlemat with suitable non-permanent marker pens (always test your pen on a small area to check it erases).


For a more detailed view of the books pages please visit the post on the Oubliette blog here