DM's Little Black Book 2021

The DM's Little Black Book is a pocket-sized collection of tables and ideas that can be used in any fantasy RPG. The content is on the whole system neutral, with leanings towards Old School B/X and First Edition games in a few tables.

It features 20 pages of useful tables and content covering dungeon basics like: Why the Door is Stuck and What the Kobolds are Selling. Other handy entries include The Deck of Minor Magicks and the Wheel of Fortune.

Every copy comes with a bonus Wheel of Fortune card that can be used to make a standalone wheel or combined with the wheel on the back cover.

A blank version of this booklet is also available here:

and a combo pack here:


A PDF edition available from DriveThru RPG also includes bonus tables not included in the print edition, along with blank table templates for creating your own content. Get it here: