Caves of Chaos Mapping Sheet (pack of 3)

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Giant-sized Caves of Chaos mapping sheets. These sheets are intended to be used with The Caves of Chaos map by Dyson Logos. Each sheet measures 707mm wide by 500mm high and is printed on white 115gsm matt white paper. Supplied rolled and posted in a card tube.

The sheets have a large grid background and are otherwise blank apart from the cave entrances that appear on the full map. The grid is roughly 1cm and has been set to map the full versions of the map. This should make it easy to draw the map as you go (or even cut out locations and stick them to the sheet). Alternatively, you could create a totally different map using just the entrances provided.

Caves of Chaos No Numbers

Caves of Chaos With Numbers

Caves of Chaos Set (both versions of the map and 3 Mapping Sheets)