2.5D Dungeon Starter Kit

2.5D Dungeon Starter Kit by Crooked Staff Publishing.

This kit contains 24 A4-sized sheets pre-printed with terrain textures. The sheets include all the print elements required to create a basic 2.5D dungeon for use with 25-30mm scaled miniature figures. There are 12 sheets of floor texture with an integrated 1inch grid. And 12 sheets with textures for creating walls, doors, columns, altars, tables, benches and other stone/wooded items. The flooring sheets have been professionally printed on 250gsm silk art paper. The wall/door sheets are printed on 150gsm silk art paper

All you need to make your dungeon is some thick card or foam board, a sharp knife (please take care when making cuts) and metal ruler, and a glue stick. Helpful video tutorials and sample dungeons may be found at: www.youtube.com/c/CrookedStaffTerrain

This set can be combined with our 2.5D Dungeon Accessory set to provide a huge range of dungeon decor options: